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The Nations Education Specialist

When it comes to reliability, Industrial Appraisal Company is at the head of the class for providing certified reports for all your Fixed Asset and Insurance Valuation needs. Whether you are responsible for a one room school house or a large City School District, we can help.

School entities have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the substantial investment the community has in its physical properties are properly accounted for and insured to value (1). Our mission is to assist you in that endeavor by providing unbiased and supportable information. Industrial Appraisal Company’s experienced staff appraisers and valuation experts collaborate to produce results that are current and reliable.

Physical property inspections of the (buildings, site improvements, fixed and movable equipment, property in the open, etc.) are conducted for every valuation/inventory we perform. Our inventory specialists will walk you through the process and make the experience beneficial and rewarding.

  • Certified appraisals “Proof-of-Loss Documentation”
  • Compliance for Financial reporting requirements for GASB Statements 34/35 and GAAP
  • Infrastructure /site improvements capabilities
  • Periodic re-inventories
  • Insurance updates and support
  • Fixed Asset updating and support
  • On line reports
  • Fixed asset bar-code tagging
  • VFACS Asset Management software

Why Industrial Appraisal Company?

  • Experience – With over 80 years of appraising Educational properties, we have a dedicated team of school specialists that get you results you can rely on.

  • Comprehensive appraisals – Receive a physical inspection and valuation of all buildings, structures, movable and fixed equipment and site improvements that are required to be accounted for and insured.

  • Customer Service – In addition to providing you with accurate and supportable data, Industrial Appraisal Company performs annual updating for both insurance and accounting purposes. Our support staff stands ready to assist your valuation needs.
  • Industrial Appraisal Company performs annual updating for insurance and fixed asset reports