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Houses of Worship:

Industrial Appraisal – The Leader in Religious Appraisals

Industrial Appraisal has performed accurate, supportable appraisals on thousands of churches throughout the United States.


Houses of worship of all denominations and styles possess a special value and quality to those who own and attend them. Not only do the buildings themselves have great significance, but their unique features and contents make an accurate appraisal of their value a critical factor in good stewardship of the property and in establishing a sound insurance program.

Stained glass, fine arts, pipe organs and religious artifacts are just some of the many special features of a house of worship that can be difficult to appraise without the experience and understanding of their value.

And while an insurance appraisal can’t eliminate the emotional anxiety of a property loss, it can at least relieve the financial consequences. Should such a loss occur, the lack of an accurate appraisal can be devastating to the organization and its community.

Industrial Appraisal Company can help you manage the risk of loss through a comprehensive appraisal of the property, building, its contents, as well as the exceptional features that uniquely distinguish houses of worship from other types of structures.

Why Industrial Appraisal Company?

• Experience—based on over 80 years of appraising churches and houses of worship, more than any other appraisal company in the United States. We are also one of the industry leaders in stained glass valuation.

• Comprehensive appraisal—receive an onsite inspection and full appraisal of the building and its contents, including paintings, sculpture, art glass, antiques, stained glass, murals, tapestries, collections, and other unique assets.

• Country Churches and Classic Cathedrals—and everything in between. Industrial Appraisal has provided service to churches, Cathedrals, basilicas, chapels, temples, synagogues, mosques, shrines, and meeting halls of all denominations.

• Reputation—Industrial Appraisal is on the approved appraisal list of many of the nation’s largest insurance underwriters to assist in placement of value and proof of loss documentation.

• Customer Service—In addition to providing you with an accurate appraisal, Industrial Appraisal can also perform annual revaluations to update changes for the insurance carrier to keep your appraisal current and accurate. We have a full-time staff dedicated to this service.

• Value—An accurate certified valuation helps ensure a competitive insurance premium rate. Industrial Appraisal has found that many of its clients save more in these premiums than the cost of the appraisal itself, resulting in an immediate benefit.