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Revaluation Services:


Industrial Appraisal Company offers a Continuous Revaluation Service which is an extension of your on-site appraisal. We will update the values each year and take into account any changes you provide. The updated revaluation report represents repricing of the original appraisal records to reflect present day replacement costs based upon the prevailing labor and material prices with adjustments for labor, efficiency, and depreciation. To determine the updated values, we utilize our extensive database and software to provide the most accurate repricings available. The annual updates will reflect repriced values as well as any reported structural changes, newly purchased equipment, and/or dispositions. These updates can be utilized to establish current year replacement costs for insurance purposes. As part of this service, we also update the optional Property Record Report, incorporating current year changes and reflect depreciation calculations for your annual accounting and audit needs.

One of the most important aspects of the Continuous Revaluation Program is our Loss Protection Service.  In the event of a loss, Industrial Appraisal Company would be in a position to provide your loss adjusters with the necessary documentation to aid in the fair and prompt settlement of a claim.  This not only applies in the area of valuations, but also to the factual data necessary to support a claim.