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Fine Arts:

Our experience with Fine Arts is priceless…

Industrial Appraisal Company is the Gold Standard when it comes to fine arts appraisal projects and our specialized knowledge will provide the most accurate valuation of rare and precious items. Accurate appraisals of fine arts and other special and unique assets require the expertise of our professional staff of appraisers and support staff. We provide insurable values and/or market values in a report format that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Industrial Appraisal Company addresses the fine arts valuation needs of the following:

Religious Organizations

• Stained Glass
• Pipe Organs
• Icons and Murals
• Gold/Silver/Pewter
• Reliquary


• Paintings/Drawings/Lithographs
• Sculptures
• Historical Artifacts
• Rare Documents
• Rare Books


• Antiques
• China and Flatware
• Collectibles/Sets





Industrial Appraisal Company will help to establish value for your treasured items. Contact us today for a quote.

**Industrial Appraisal Company typically does not appraise or provide values for individual fine arts or collectable assets. Large collections only please.