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About Our Company:

Industrial Appraisal Company has been providing appraisal services nationally and globally to the public and private sectors since 1931. What began as a small, family-owned operation servicing clients in Pittsburgh, PA and its surrounding areas is now a leader in the Appraisal Industry, trusted to deliver superior results on a vast array of valuation projects worldwide.

Throughout decades of stellar client service, Industrial Appraisal Company has grown organically by increasing staff and capabilities while always adhering to its core values on every project: Accuracy, Efficiency and Integrity. Clients initially choose IAC for our expertise, but stay with Industrial because of the value added by the personal touch and dedicated relationships that develop with our staff.

Today, Industrial Appraisal Company is distinguished by extensive experience and depth of knowledge throughout many industries, and employs specialized appraisers with expertise in every type of asset. IAC can assist with valuation projects for Insurance, Accounting, and market valuations across the following major industries/categories, and more:

• Schools
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Leisure and Entertainment
• Government
• Healthcare
• Houses of Worship

Industrial Appraisal Company provides more than just values, IAC provides peace of mind!