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VFACS ™ Frequenly Asked Questions:

What is the process that I need to follow when I am ready to submit my changes?
When you are ready to submit your changes so that your appraisal can be updated, you can do it one of two ways. Industrial Appraisal Company prefers for you to Perform a Backup and Submit it via E-mail so that it can be processed in a more timely fashion, or you can Print and Mail the Inventory Change Report. Please remember that when entry of the current year inventory transactions is completed, and you have sent these transactions to us for updating your file, you must SUSPEND further VFACS transaction entry. When you receive the updated VFACS Software, you may resume transactions entry after you have performed the steps outlined in the accompanying correspondence for installing the software. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in loss of data.


If at anytime, Property Record Updating services is discontinued, you will then maintain a perpetual inventory/transaction data file and be SOLELY responsible for the safety of this file. Please make sure you perform a Backup regularly. The VFACS operator must increase the Report and Accounting Year dates by one (1) at the close of each fiscal year. This will ensure the availability of segregated accounting years' data.

Backing Up the Data File and Submitting via E-Mail

  1. Go to the Utilities Menu
  2. Select Backup/Restore Data (All open VFACS windows must be closed before you run this operation)
  3. Change the drive letter next to Backup Folder to reflect your hard drive (Normally C:\)
  4. Click Continue
  5. Once the back-up is complete a message box will appear to let you know the backup was successful, click OK
  6. Open your e-mail and start a new e-mail message
  7. This e-mail should be addressed to IACSupport@indappr.com
  8. Attach your newly created backup file (Normally located C:\VFACSDAT.ZIP)
  9. Type your Company Name in the Subject line of the e-mail
  10. Type your contact information into the body of the e-mail
  11. Send the e-mail (Due to limitations with e-mail systems, you may not be able to e-mail files greater than 10MB.)
How to Print an Inventory Change Report
  1. Go to the Reports menu
  2. Select Inventory Change Report
  3. Select Show ALL Transactions from the drop down box
  4. Enter the From and To dates for which the transactions were entered
  5. Verify that Use Full Description is checked so that the entire description is printed on the report
For Example:
  • If the description field is NOT to be edited
  • Titles of User or Special Data Fields that are newly implemented
  • If a bar-coded tag is now being applied to new acquisitions
  • If the Tag Number field is NOT to be edited
  • If editing or new codes added to the Validation Tables, i.e. BLDG, FL/RM, DEPT, ASSET, etc. has occurred.
How do I Back-Up my data?
  1. Go to the Utilities Menu
  2. Select Backup/Restore Data (All open VFACS windows must be closed before you run this operation)
  3. Change the drive letter next to Backup Folder to reflect your hard drive (Normally C:\)
  4. Click Continue
  5. Once the back-up is complete a message box will appear to let you know the backup was successful, click OK
  6. Your file will now be on your hard drive and labeled VFACSDAT.zip (Normally C:\VFACSDAT.zip)
How do I install on a Network?
  1. If this is the initial installation or the installation of VFACS containing your updated data, please skip to step 7
  2. Create a back-up of the existing VFACS data before proceeding. Do not save to C:\VFACS. (How to create a Back-up)
  3. Click on your computer's Start menu
  4. Click on My Computer
  5. Click on your local hard drive (Normally C:\)
  6. Find the VFACS folder, right click on the folder and select delete (Remember to also delete it from the Recycle Bin to reclaim the disk space)
  7. Follow the installation instructions on the VFACS CD until the 'Visual FACS Installation' screen appears.
  8. Select Next
  9. Click Agree at the Visual FACS License Agreement
  10. The Select Your Installation Type screen, select option 1. Full Installation and click Next
  11. The next screen will inquire as to the directory for installation of the VFACS program, just click Next
  12. When prompted to select a directory for the data files, change this option to reflect your network server's path
  13. At the Group Selection Screen, click Finish to accept the default of Industrial Appraisal Software
  14. You will notice a VFACS icon on your desktop, double click this icon to open the program
  15. Select ADMIN and enter the password you were provided
  16. The Edit System Definitions window will open
  17. Go to the Misc tab and put a check in the box for Allow Multi-User
  18. Repeat the steps above for each computer that will be accessing the software, except now in step 10 you will need to choose option 2 "Install Visual FACS on a Network Workstation"
A Few Important Notes when installing VFACS to a Network
  • When installing VFACS to more than one computer, you will not need to install the inventory data, you simply indicate on that PC where the data is located. This enables additional PC users to be added even if the original database has already been altered.
  • VFACS program operators MUST have full access rights to the server directory to include the addition/deletion/transfer/editing of files
  • It is advisable to install the data onto the server using the default directory structure. If you must make alterations, it is strongly recommended that you not embed the VFACS folder beyond two levels
  • Ensure that the path for the data files is noted in all successive PC installs is exactly as it was at the initial PC installation
  • Innoculan is a known network anti-virus program to cause performance problems with the VFACS software
  • Make sure that the data path does not have any embedded space


What type of training is offered for VFACS?
Industrial Appraisal Company offers Onsite training. While our Visual Fixed Asset Control Software (VFACS) is very user-friendly, clients may wish to take advantage of our onsite training. A professional and knowledgeable instructor will personally lead instruction of the software's basic features, explain fields, review both standard and customized reporting features, and year-end procedures. Our onsite training enables clients to quickly and effectively manage their fixed asset inventory immediately.

Upon completion of the training, you can expect to be able to:

  • Add/Delete/Edit Inventory items
  • Transfer inventory items
  • Locate inventory items
  • Add/Delete buildings and rooms
  • Calculate depreciation for past, present, and future years
  • Create a custom report using the Report Writer feature
  • Modify accounting and report year for start of new fiscal year
  • Access the software's internal users manual

Can I move VFACS to another PC?
Yes! The VFACS software can be moved and installed onto another computer as well as installed onto a network to allow for multiple users to access information.

To install the VFACS software onto another computer you must first perform a Back-Up. Once the Back-Up is performed, it is recommended that the Back-Up file be saved onto a CD, Flash Drive, or a network drive the new PC has access to. Now you are ready to follow the instructions provided with your VFACS software and install it onto the new PC. Once the software is installed, you will need to restore the data file.
Restore Data File

  1. Go to the Utilities Menu
  2. Click on Backup/Restore Data
  3. Select Restore
  4. Click the Browse Button and locate the VFACSDAT.zip file that you created during your back-up
  5. A message will appear to let you know that the restore was successful, click OK