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Municipalities and schools are faced with the challenge today more than ever before to maintain a fixed asset property control system that complies with GAAP, GAAFR, and GASB 34 and provides accurate and realistic values. Industrial Appraisal Company has met this need with coordinated appraisal, software, and consulting services.


Fixed Asset property control begins with an accurate inventory of applicable assets that includes locations, types, ages, historical costs, and present values. The appraisal can individualize selected assets with a barcoded tag to facilitate subsequent monitoring and reinventory. Costing, lifting, and the depreciation of capital assets are reported in a standard presentation while developing the insurable values at the same time, minimizing cost and maximizing the benefits of your appraisal.


Because Visual FACS has been developed through users' experience and constant feedback Visual FACS is the fourth generation of Industrial Appraisal's fixed asset accounting software. Since the introduction of the first version in 1991, the software has been refined and enhanced based on feedback from hundreds of users. The results: Visual FACS is even easier to use. It adjusts to special needs, is more secure, and is more economical.




  • User friendly and available on CD-ROM
  • Operates in all Microsoft Windows® environments
  • Includes comprehensive help screens and documentation through Windows pull-down menus
  • Inventory reports of additions or deletions, for a particular accounting period, are available
  • Allows, through an 'Append' feature, additions or substitutions of large blocks of assets from a previous appraisal conducted by Industrial Appraisal Company
  • Allows direct access by several easy-to-use methods: tag number, location, or description
  • Supports group transfers and deletions
  • Enables new locations to be integrated easily into the data base
  • Allows standard reports to be generated based on the inventory or transaction data base. Custom reports can be created easily through use of the Visual FACS (Report Writer Module), an extremely flexible program that allows reports to be created and saved for future use.
    • Allows editing or report selection by any combination of location and asset codes
    • Six user fields can be labeled and utilized for specialized reporting
  • Includes provision for entering transactions for different accounting years
  • Can be used in either single-user or networked environments
  • Allows export of ASCII files for importing to database software or spreadsheet applications
  • Allows set-up of specific user profiles and user groups with various levels of built-in security
  • Prohibits entry of invalid codes; validation tables for all locations and classification codes can be edited as new codes are added or changed.

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