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The Industrial Difference:

The Industrial Appraisal Company provides valuation services for real property, machinery, equipment, fixed assets, business and intangible assets to both the public and private sectors. Our valuation studies are regularly used for purposes such as risk management, financing, purchase/sale/exchange, GAAP, GAFFR, GASB34 requirements, and litigation support. We employ more than thirty appraisers in the various disciplines of the industry such as building construction, machinery, equipment, real estate, and financial analysis.


Regardless of asset type or size, each Industrial appraisal is carefully and professionally handled by experienced appraisers, and is:

  • Accurate, prepared by specialists in a particular type of asset and discipline, each with the specialized experience and knowledge that enters into determination of value.

  • Focused on a specific kind of value to meet the precise purpose of the appraisal.

  • Credible & Objective, accepted by third parties as proof of loss and value, and relied on by risk managers and others for protection against loss.

  • Supported by an extensive valuation library, state-of-the-art computer systems, and proprietary software.

  • Detailed, with each significant asset and its features documented carefully and completely.

  • Confidential & Secure with records, reports, and financial data held confidential, with secure off-site back-up.

  • Complete & Current, beginning with the initial appraisal and, when needed, updated or revised to accommodate changes in worth or purpose.

  • Adaptable, to the format or system interface you prefer or require.
We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge we provide to each customer, as well as, the personal touch they expect!