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Are you insured to value? It is impossible to know when or where the next disaster will strike. Be prepared with a certified independent appraisal from the Industrial Appraisal Company. Appraisals by Industrial will accurately assign supportable values to your club's assets: clubhouse, pro shop, maintenance buildings, pools, pump houses, bridges, docks, shelters, and other structures; all furnishings, equipment, and fine arts.

Reputation -
Industrial Appraisal is highly recognized by our nation's largest insurance underwriters. we employ some of the most experienced professional appraisers in the industry.

Customer Service -
In addition to providing you with an accurate appraisal, Industrial Appraisal also offers annual revaluations to update changes for the insurance carrier to keep your appraisal current and accurate. We have a full time staff dedicated to this service.

Value -
An accurate appraisal value helps ensure a competitive insurance premium rate. with a certified appraisal by industrial Appraisal Company, you'll never get caught with your feet in a sand trap.